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    Default Boss tactics ( For new players)

    Some few tactics for the main bosses of the game!

    Act 1:

    King Leoric
    • King Leoric animates a slow Whirlwind attack that you have to evade because it will likely one shot you in ( Hell and Inferno)!
    • King Leoric will perform some blink attacks! It is animated too so you have time to think if you will pot up or pop some cd!
    • King Leoric spawns 2 groups of Skeletons and then he blink into you and attack you! If you kill the skeletons health globes will drop!If you don't kill them Leoric will kill them in the next whirlwind attack!

    Queen Aranae
    • Queen Aranae will start ''spitting'' in front of her and she will create an acid pool after some seconds! ( Don't stand there)
    • Queen Aranae throw a web on the ground that slow movement speed
    • Queen Aranae will leave the battle after a while spawning 3 spiders that you have to kill for globes and to go on with the fight!
    • She moves fast! For all kitters!

    • Pretty easy! He shoots some fires that you have to evade!
    • Also if you are ranged you better don't stand in his attack!

    • Butcher will perform a special attack that deals ALOT of damage!You can see it casting because he is shaking! ( Dodge this by moving away)
    • Chain Attack! When you are at range he will perform 2 attacks!In Chain attack he will throw some chains(not evadable) that will deal some dmg to you)
    • Then Butcher will try to hook you!So be sure you are watching when he rises his hand to evade it!
    • Finally Butcher will perform a Charge Attack!The ground will become red in this area so move away.IF Butcher miss his Charge he will get stunned in the wall!Nuke hiM!
    • Terrain Ability! The ground will be in fire in the whole fight!So be in the spots that are not in fire!When you see small flames in the place you are standing go away because it will be on fire soon!
    • The area has 2 healing wells so feel free to use them!
    • If your dps is too low!The whole ground will get in fire and you will wipe!

    Act 2:

    • Don't be infront of him! He spitts in front of him !
    • He spawns 2 slimes that you have to kill for globes!Pretty easy boss

    • Magdha will throw a visible projectile attack that you can evade by running away (It will follow you but it will stop after some time)
    • Magdha will pop a shield that will make her immune!She will also spawn 2 Berserkers that you have to kill fast for globes and also in order to destroy Magdha's shield!
    • Each time she spawns Berserkers she spawns one more! 1st time: 2 Berserkers! 2nd time: 3 Berserkers etc!

    Wizard Kulle
    • Kulle has 2 Giants Guarding him!Simply kite them because they hit hard!IF you are meele draw them away from Kulle and kill them slowly
    • Kulle will throw a fast fireball that will 1 shot you ( In inferno) run away and pop survavival cd's if you cant avoid it
    • Kulle will periodically spawn some small Tornadoes that deal dmg avoid them!
    • Kulle will make a bubble like in the ground then rocks will start to fall from the cieling! Avoid the rocks they will do tones of dmg!

    Phase 1:
    • Belial will spawn MANY nagas that do much dmg and they will windwalk for a while!Kill the ASAP because they will kill you!

    Phase 2:
    • Belial will come in the fight too!So you have to fight Nagas & Belial!
    • Belial will perform a fire-ground attack like the Jailer (Act 1).He will shoot 3 fires in the ground that you can , and MUST evade!
    • After you low his HP phase 3 will start!

    Phase 3:
    • Belial will take his true form!He can't move he will only attack so you can't kite him neither go out of his range because the terrain is small!
    • When the ground becomes green , Belial will attack there! Avoid if possible he hits very hard!That's his normal attack!
    • Belial will cast a Breath Attack in front of him! ( You can avoid it by standing in the corners)
    • Belial will puts his hands in the terain casting a bombardment!In this phase the whole terrain will become with green fires that will explode and kill you! You have to move carefully to empty spots in the ground!When a fire explodes run there and then follow the other fire etc! (Have alot of pots)
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    Act 3:

    • Evade his special attacks and you will be ok!

    • She will spawn spiders periodically and she will leave the battle! Kill the spiders and kill her ! Easy

    Edit soon..
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    Εdit for leo : After he summons the 2nd wave of skeletons he will always blink/hit you if you are away from him.

    Belial (cleared him today/inferno) : At phase 2 there is a small time window before he starts summoning nagas, so all out dps is highly recommended. At phase 3 his breath attack is usually 4th and can be avoided by staying all way to the right. Also, when the random explosions start, there is a spot to the right where the animation of the coming explosion is bugged and doesn't appear on the floor. Better move to the center when this attack happens.
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    Thanks for sharing

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    Also at Belial you can stay at the 2 edge sides. Somehow he have more chance to miss an attack, but when he does the multi ground attack just ruuuuuuun.

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    thank for sharing info

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    Great! thank a lot!

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