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    Default Error : IP Routing / Server Offline / Mainteance Help Please !

    Well, my friend has been trying to log into RGC for a while now, and that error is really troublesome.
    He could play with us normally yesterday (in fact, we played over 5 games that same day), and out of the blue this strange error doesn't allow him to log in. In fact even connect to RGC I guess...
    Is there by any chance some sort of quick solution ? He tried everything, from flushing his DNS cache to punching the router.
    And yes, I've taken him through that guide stickied here, step by step and we could not solve this issue.
    Could anyone help us?

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    Server is online try to join.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeAtH_LeGenD View Post
    Server is online try to join.
    The server was already online by the time I posted that thread...

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    Some times it's depend on server. My friend also ca't connect RGC and they get same msg when RGC server is fine. That's mean some times users server can't find the RGC server as online or there some technical issue. If your friend is still facing same problem please inform us.

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    let it take it's time

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