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    Default [GRAVEYARD] User abuse: 2-Puck

    Accused Battle.Net account: 2-Puck
    Your Account: kakalos97
    Game name: ap7885
    Abused rule: bad manners + votekick παίχτη μας
    Time of event (In Game): -
    Further details: εκτός του ότι ήταν εριστικός του τύπου "ff noobs" κτλπ, προσπάθησε μετά από την κόντρα του με τον SF μας να το κάνει votekick 2 φορές
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    Double post.

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    [04:27] <@Sn0w_Bl4cK> btw
    [04:27] <@enavseksi> les k dn m ikseres tosa xronia
    [04:27] <@Sn0w_Bl4cK> miso na dw kati
    [04:27] <@Sn0w_Bl4cK> giati nomizw pws prepei na 3erw giati vgenei ayto to bug
    [04:27] <@Sn0w_Bl4cK> .del enavseksi
    [04:27] <@DA-Bot> Deleted enavseksi from Head admins!
    [04:27] <+BusTouLous> axxaxxa
    [04:27] <+BusTouLous> axxaxaxaxa

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    Όσο ψηλά κι αν φτάσεις, μην ξεχάσεις ποτέ πως ξεκίνησες!
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    [17:01] <+Hated-> aa o bus einai o klasikos "fwnaksei ksaderfia"
    [17:01] <+BusTouLous>
    [17:01] <@h3rmit> e nai giati nomizeis oti exei "Bus" sto onoma?
    [17:01] <@h3rmit> giati tous metaferei me lewforeio
    [17:01] <+BusTouLous> xaxaxaxaxaxa
    [17:01] <+Hated-> ahahhahah

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    [lenor] as a name for girls is a Greek name, and the name Lenor means "light". Lenor is a version of Lenore (Greek): version of Eleanor.
    Associated with: greek, light.

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