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    Default As me boithisi kapios

    Thelw na ksana arxisw na pezo dota 1 gia na skotono to xrono mou
    Ekana ola ta aparetita pou apetoudai kai exw kolisi edw

    Ti skata einai auto to error psaxnw sto internet kai den briskw tipota 3.46

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    Common Problems
    You have been temporarily restricted from the server. Please try again later.
    The Warcraft III servers will automatically restrict connections when a game client is performing unauthorized behaviors.
    These restrictions exist to maintain server stability and prevent exploitative behavior such as botting and hacking.
    If you are using an IP address which is shared with other users, any restriction will affect all users of the IP address.
    If you share your IP address with other players who have gotten a restriction, you will need to acquire a different IP address.
    Connection restrictions in Warcraft III can be applied for behaviors such as:

    • Attempting to use an invalid CD-key
    • Attempting to use a hacked or modified game client to log in to
    • Using unauthorized third-party programs or addons
    • Connecting to using a business network, cloud hosting service, VPN, or Proxy
    • Rapidly connecting and disconnecting from
    • Repeatedly using an incorrect password
    • Harassing other players
    • Advertising inappropriate website urls
    • Spamming text or chat commands such as /whisper or /whois
    • Connecting to with more than 8 clients

    If you find that your connection has been temporarily restricted, you should reinstall your game client and wait 24 hours before attempting to log back in.
    If your connection is still restricted, you must wait for the restriction to end or acquire new IP address.
    Customer Support cannot remove temporary restrictions for any reason or help with acquiring a new IP address.


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