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    Default Step-by-Step guide on how to get a free Spotify invite by InFeCtoR

    Greetings! If you want a free program that streams music super-fast in a huge collection and number of songs this guide is for you!

    What is Spotify?

    Spotify is kinda like iTunes but you can listen all the songs for free! They are streamed, but you are given the option to buy some particular songs if you like! It is however dedicated to Scandinavians at the moment and you must (not) buy premium if you want to 'get it' to play music internationally. But you must only bypass the registration, and it will all work fine!

    PS: If you have problems registering, i can do it for you without problems since i am from Scandinavia and can do so.

    How to get it?

    Spotify Invites


    Direct link to the invite

    All you have to do is complete the survey/quiz or whatever pops up when you dig further into the site (or click on the last link above this). Altough this is stress, it's worth it by a long shot.

    1.) Either create a new email you don't use, or hope that you won't have to confirm it when you complete the quiz, by filling in your fake name, surname and so on. Just fill in alot of fake stuff. The reason they have this, is cause earns money when you complete the quiz.

    2.) Now, when you completed it, unless you did something terribly wrong, you should be able to return to the spotify page and click on "Your Spotify Invite".

    3.) There should be further instructions like what password you want, email, username and so on.

    4.) The rest should be pretty easy and up to you. I assume you have to confirm the email you filled in when registering it, so make sure to fill in a valid email.

    What now? How do i use it?

    1.) When you have created your Spotify Account, you should be able to go to Spotify Download and download the installer.

    2.) When you installed it, open Spotify and login with your username and password.

    3.) Now let's try it out. For example in the search bar, let's search for Tisto - Fresh Fruit. A pretty good song with a Greek flag as it's album art. It's actually dedicated to Greece.

    That's it! You're done! Congratulations on your Spotify Account.

    If you got any problems or tips for this guide, just post it and i'll look into it! I don't ignore any help requests.

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    Some pretty useful stuff. Thanks Infy!
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    Thanks mate! I'll see if i can try to post more fun stuff like this, and work-around with expensive stuff and things you have to pay for.

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    great guide, that helped alot mate, I dont need to do the "send me an invite" thing anymore!=)
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    Awesome, feedback always appreciated .

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