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    Default Interview with Pajkatt

    Hello Pajkatt, you've recently joined New World Order, for the minority out there who do not know, who you are; would you please introduce yourself?
    Pajkatt: Hi all! Im "Pelle" a SWEDISH dota-player, not french like some people apparently think (

    Season three of EEDL just ended, and you ended as top1, how does it feel?
    Pajkatt: Im happy I won and I played several funny games, wasn't really aiming on winning it until I realized I was top5, but by that time I had already spent too much time playing to not try to win!

    Do you like the current skill level in EEDL, compared to the alternatives?
    Pajkatt: Uhm, soso, I think some games are good, but the name EEDL stands for european ELITE dota league, and like I see it there are far too many lowskilled players atm. Can't really compare EEDL to any other league atm, since all other leagues I know of went inactive due to EEDL's large player pool

    The upcoming season of EEDL brings big prices and new tournaments, what are your thoughts?
    Pajkatt: I look forward to it, dont have any aim on winning it or anything like that, but who knows, with winter incoming and low amount of schoolhours, I think it will be cool.

    As I mentioned earlier, you joined NWO(New World Order) along with Miracle, would you mind listing who takes which role ingame?
    Pajkatt: I dont think we have any roles, hopefully we just roll our enemies *laughter please*.

    Which aims do you have with New World Order?
    Pajkatt: Our aim is to be the best team in the world. Right now we're obviously far away from our goal, but if we stay together as team, and get our teamplay on par with some of the chinese teams I think it's possible. I know there are people who think we will just disband once we lose some games, but I can ensure you that is not the case this time. We will do our very best to become the best.

    The name Pajkatt, is there a history behind it?
    Pajkatt: When I started playing dota I did so on and I started playing with my older brother and his friends, and when we played games we wanted to have some kind of "team-feeling", so people would reccon we were playing together, and back at this time we had just seen some crazy movie where an egg was singing about pie, pie = paj in swedish and then we just added an animal at the end of pie, cat = katt and thus the name Pajkatt

    The chinese, who are arguably the best in the world, seem to prefer ranged heroes over melee heroes, europeans are still using melee heroes, can you enlighten us on this topic?
    Pajkatt: hmmm europeans are stupid thats why I guess

    You are rather famous for playing Windrunner, and especially buying battlefury for her; How did you get that idea, buying battlefury?
    Pajkatt: It was actually kurokys idea! But I guess BF is good because you can buy it in cheap parts and you can decent damage and regen

    IceFrog made a lot of changes in 68, which of them do you like? And which of them do you hate?
    Pajkatt: I think Wisp and Thrall are pretty cool, dislike the other two new heroes, the nerfs on brood and doom are also good, didnt really see a big difference overall tbh!

    Which changes would you like to see in 69, not only hero wise; but also gameplay (Like we saw the introduction of reliable gold in 68)
    Pajkatt: I dont really care tbh, I think Icefrog will do what's best. & has announced 3 showmatches, with 68c -cmub, whereas LOST won first game yesterday, will NWO be partipicating in any of the rounds? And are you gonna watch the games?
    Pajkatt: I think we will participate and I think it will be fun! Will see if I watch any of the other showmatches!

    I would like to thank you a ton for your time, and wish you and NWO the best in the future, any final word and a shoutout?
    Pajkatt: I hope we will do well in the future and shoutout to twistd who stopped playing cause of law studies, and my fans (if i have any)!
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    Good interview but I seriously doubt they will become the best team in the world even though they have very good players. If they want to become the best team, they have to face the best and as everyone knows, the best are in China so unless they plan to play Chinese tournaments, I doubt they will reach their goal.

    And I think that Europeans simply copy the Chinese style. If I am not mistaken, Chinese were the first to use tri-lanes so Europeans started to use it as well. Chinese played Lion differently, Europeans started to play him the same way. If Europeans do not develop their own strategies, they will never (or hardly) beat Chinese teams.

    Furthermore, there are a lot of events in China which is more motivating for Asian teams and it makes them better. DotA is also a professional game in China whereas it is considered as a fun game in Europe =(

    Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    I wish NWO the best in the future and I hope they'll do well in Europe. If Fear and vigoss plan to play for, it might be hard to beat them. From what I have seen, Misery and Vigoss play very well together.

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