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    Default DeMoN: I couldnt handle the fact they had to flame

    The German organization MeetYourMakers conducted an interview with their latest addition who is no one else than the former Nirvana.Int player, Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho. He talks about different subjects including one regarding his previous organization and why he left it. He also gives his opinion about the new roster.

    Here is an extract of the interview:
    MYM: Many people are wondering why you left You were in a good relationship with Loveen isnt it ?

    Yeah, I promised many I would clear this up soon. My relationship with Loveen, as well as Fear, Azen, & March were perfect. But as far as Kuroky and Puppey goes, I couldnt handle the fact they had to flame every single game. To them it wasnt flame but more of calling out mistakes so we can improve. I consistently asked them if they can just do it without all the bad words. Yes it worked, Kuroky was fine with it but not for long. After a short-term these 2 continued at it again, and I couldnt deal with a team that had no sign of friendship which would cause 1 threat after another. As much as I wanted to stay, and attempt to become the best team for me it wasnt worth it. I talked to Fear about it, and obviously he said it was my decision but he would want me to stay. Before the news came up, Kuroky had talked to me. I was still contemplating what I should do. If he had been more reasonable I probably wouldnt have ended up leaving. Anyways, whats done is done and I wanted to clear that all up. Good luck to the rest of them. (This isnt intended to start any wars, just clearing up what was on my mind as well as the truth)

    MYM: What is the top 4 legends player of DotA according to you?

    1. Merlini was once my idol, so hes a legend.
    2. Vigoss
    3. Fear
    4. Maelk, I just had to add a 4th because what would dota be without him!

    MYM: What do you think about Vigoss and his return with ?

    Haha, I got a cool story for this. After leaving Nirvana, vigoss made a return under the aka arajaja He has always been a friend of mine. I told him about my departure of the team, and asked if he was interested in competitive to team up with Fear and me. He continued telling me how unsure he was, then about 3 weeks later he told me he will play with Lost. He appologizes to me, and talks to me how much he wants to play together. He will do anything he can to get me onto the team, but I had already made other plans which was MYM.(Cool story eh?) Back to the real question, I think Vigoss will contribute a lot to Lost after he gets used to the new way of playing. Good luck to them, and especially Fear.

    MYM: The Asian DotA scene is growing day after day. What do you think about Asian play style? Is it really different? (Picks, gank, etc)

    As the Asian DotA scene grows, I think the European grows too. The Asian play style is still the same since SMM09, nothing much has changed. European loves ganking, and running around the map. While Asians do their thing sitting in lane, waiting to TP to another to protect their carries.
    If you are interested by reading the whole interview, click here

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    Welldone, nice thread amigo.
    This was an interesting interview from a great DotA player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealingSpree View Post
    Welldone, nice thread amigo.
    This was an interesting interview from a great DotA player.
    Indeed, DeMoN is a great player but I still wonder why Puppey and KuroKy joined Nirvana.Int. That's sad he does not explain it in the interview.

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