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    Default Warcraft III Programs/Guides/Tips

    Battle.LAN V0.5: Exclusive!
    This is another program that allow you to play TCP/IP Games via LAN, works for Windows XP and Windows Me. Additional Features:
    - Small footprint - single exe, no additional library is required
    - Supports 255 clients
    - Can be used for other games
    - Compatible with most firewalls

    LANCraft V1.01B: Exclusive!

    This Program allows you to play TCP/IP games with Warcraft 3. By Ttol.

    Micro Counter: Exclusive!

    This is a small program that opens up Warcraft 3 replay files, counts the number of actions taken by each player and calculates the number of actions a player took per minute. Load up your replays, to see, how well you micro compared to your opponents!

    Farsight V0.2

    This is essentially a Mac version of Lancraft and Battle Lan, which allows Mac Players to play Warcraft 3 games via TCP/IP. By Deus E Machinis.

    MPQ Viewer

    This Program allows you to vier MPQ Files and extract datafiles from them. Since nearly all Warcraft 3 data is stored in .mpq files, this allow you to extract all of the skins, models, and campaign maps from Warcraft!

    Mod Related Warcraft 3 Programs:
    Warcraft MDX -> MD3 Converter V1.1

    This program allows a user to convert extracted .mdx models into .md3 models that are used in 3D shooters, which can then be editted easily. The program supports a great graphical preview, including all of the models various animation sequences. Requires DirectX 9.0 or better to run.
    V1.1: Adds support for Video Cards which do not support at 32-bit Buffer

    MoPaQ 2000 for PC:
    The most popular program used to compile your own war3patch.mpq files for mods. In addition, it allows you to add extra skins and sounds to Warcraft 3 Map Files.

    MoPaQ 2000 for Mac:

    This is the Mac Version of the above program, with new features, such as a built in listfile.

    Biturn: Warcraft 3 Graphics Manager
    The is a easy to use program thata llows users to view and convert various file formats that's used to store Warcraft 3 Graphics, including skins (.blp) and modeals (.mdx).

    Warcraft 3 Model Converter V1.0: Exclusive!

    The Model Converter converts Warcraft 3 Model Files (.mdx) into .obj files that can be editted using any 3d Modelling Program.

    Warcraft 3 MDX Editor Beta:

    The Program allow you to edit Warcraft 3 Mdeol Files (.mdx files) that are extracted from the War3 MPQ. By DaishiofDeath.

    Warcraft 3 File Converter V2.1:

    This program allows you to convert bettween the various file formats used for the Graphics in Warcraft III, ie: MDX, MDL and BLP files.

    Warcraft 3 Map Protector:

    The nifty utility protects the maps you make so they can be modified by someone else.

    Warcraft 3 Image Extractor:

    The program allows you to directly extract Warcraft 3 Skins (.blp) files from war3.mpq and convert them to .tga files to edit.

    Warcraft 3 CD_KEY Changer:

    The program allows you to change your cd keys (Roc and TFT)

    Marcdk's F-tool
    This program allows you to spam with 3-4 buttons 
    E.G. Press F5 and it will write automatically Hi , you can change the spam msg!

    Warcraft III Delay Reducer

    This program fix your delay and you dont have delay or lag!

    The File with all the programs is here!

    I hope that I help you , Enjoy!

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    General Tips
    Here follows some general tips, regarding all of the races. Tips that may help you be a better WaCraft III gamer...

    At the start of each game it's very good to know what you are going to do. If you want to rush, you have to prepare for it and build the buildings you need first. Maybe you decide to expand, do so quickly, and remember that your opponents can catch you when you least expect it, before you have the chance of building up troops. Also, let your ally/allies know what your up to (if you have any).

    Let summons take the beating when you enter any combat with creeps. If you summon up a Wolf, Treant or a Water Elemental and then let your summon enter the combat first, the summon will take all the damage, and you won't hurt your own troops. If you do this you will save a lot of money, when you don't have to spend it on new troops.

    The Hit-and-Run tactic can be a very effective part to win. It works by running in with a small force (maybe just the heroes), then attacking the opponents base. Before or when the enemy arrives, you get the hell outta there. The point of this tactic is to disrupt the enemy by forcing them to run back, or use a scroll of Town portal (which costs 350 gold). This can be very annoying and disrupting to the enemies. You can also get a small gruop of units, which are great at destroying buildings (seige damage) and run in with.

    Think about what you upgrade, first off, what units are currently training? Secondly, which units do you want to use? Don't bother upgrading unit armor and weapons which you're not going to use. If you don't spend the money on unecessary things, you can spend them on better stuff, like frisbees.

    Creeping is a very important part in WarCraft III, unless you're rushing or have another plan to win. Each level may make quite a difference when facing other heroes. Often it's also good with multiple heroes instead of one really strong. Since the Heroes need less experience at low levels, you will have aquired more levels with 2 Heroes, than with only 1, and will therefore have more abilities.

    Control group important buildings (#+ctrl) such as your unit producing building, so you can train new units while you're out creeping, or quickly go back to the base. Then, you don't need to scroll the screen up to the base. It's also often a good idea to set a rally point to your Hero, then your units will walk directly to the place where they probably are needed.

    Chase down opponents if they're retreating, don't let them go easily, even if you may think of healing and rebuilding your troops. Use Hero and unit abilities to stun or slow the running units and then take them down. Some skills that work well for this is: Esnare (Wolf Rider), Storm Bolt (Mountain King), Ethereal Form (Blood Mage), check out more abilities that slow down enemy units. But remember; if you play teamplay, there may be other players who comes to aid and surround you, then the hunter, becomes the hunted.

    Sometimes it's not good to mass a specific type of unit. Variation to your army can be very effective, especially when you have abilities that are used automaticly (since it can be hard to use all abilities in the heat of battle). Most spellcasters do only use 2 food, having 2 spellcasters will then take only 4 in food cap (im teh math genious). Lets say you have 2 Shamans, with full mana(400), they can cast berserk 10 times each(bererk cost 40 mana), giving 20 of your units berserk (further proof that i'm teh math genious). When 20 of your units has been improved with 40 % attack speed and 20 % movement speed, your armys strenght will increase greatly. But there's other spellcasters with great abilities, theres many good combinations to use with your own force...

    Buying the orb at the player built shop is something i almost always do. Each race has it's own special orb. Each orb can be bought when the third tier at the town hall is built. Human race can purchase Orb of Fire. The Orcs can obtain the Orb of Lightning. The Undead shop sells the cursed Orb of Corruption. And, finally, the Night Elves can posess the Orb of Venom. Here's more detailed Information about the Mysterious Orbs.

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    Abilitites to slow down enemies
    Here follows a complete list of all the abilities that can be used to slow down enemies

    It's very important to use abilities to slow down or stop opponents when you, for instance, chase retreating enemies, especially Heroes. Here's the list to all of them (if we have forgotten any of them, feel free to post them in the forum):


    Mountain King

    Storm Bolt
    Throws a magical hammer at a target. Stunning them for a certain amount of time and dealing damage.

    Thunder Clap
    Bashes the hammer in the ground, slowing the movement and attack speed of nearby units.

    Gives a certain chance of stunning the enemy.

    Blood Mage

    Ethereal Form
    Turning a target unit ethereal for set amount of time, slowing down movement speed, and makes it invulnerable to physical damage.


    Slows down the movement speed of the unit by 60 %

    Will turn the enemy into a sheep. Slows movement speed. Does not work on Heroes.


    Tauren Chieftain

    War Stomp
    Slams the ground and stunning enemies around the tauren for some seconds.

    Shadow Hunter

    Hexes a target unit, turning it into a creep.


    Throws a net at a unit, binding them for 15 seconds (Heroes 2.5 seconds)

    Witch Doctor

    Stasis Trap
    Put an Stasis Trap on a target location stunning all units in its area. The stun lasts 6 (2.5 for Heroes) seconds.

    Wind Raider

    Attacking an enemy with the poisonous spears will slow their movement rate(this needs to be upgraded first).



    Puts a target unit to sleep for a while. The unit can be woken be attacking it. The effect lasts a quarter of the time on Heroes.

    Calls down an Infernal. When the Infernal land, it damages and stuns enemies. Must be used skillfully in orderr to hit running units.

    Crypt Lord

    Shots spikes through the earth and tosses enemies in a line up in the air, stunning them and dealing damage. This ability also needs some skills to use, or it's esasy to miss.


    Frost Nova
    Blasts a enemy with freezing power, dealing damage to the unit and some of the units around. Also slows down the movement speed for a couple of seconds.

    Frost Armor
    Creates a aromr of frost around a target unit. If enemy units hit a unit under the effect of Frost Armor, it's speed will be reduced.

    Crypt Fiend

    Webs an air unit, forcing them to the ground. The unit will be unable to move.


    Cripples an enemy, gretaly reducing the movement and attacking speed of the enemy.

    Frost Wyrm

    By just attacking a enemy unit, the Frost Wyrms frost attack will slowdown the unit it hits.

    Night Elf


    Shadow Strike
    Throws a poisoned dagger at a enemy which deals high damage and then deals damage over time and slowing the movement speed.

    Even thogh it's not slowing enemies, it's a great ability when you want to catch up with running units and finish them off.

    Keeper of the Groove

    Entangling Roots
    Causes roots to burst up through the ground and entangle the unit, immobilizing the enemy. Also deals damage to the entangled unit.

    Druid of the Talon

    Tosses a enemy unit up in the air, making them unable to move.


    The Dryads poisonous attacks slows down the movement speed of the units they attack.

    Mountain Giant

    Taunts the enemy, causing them to focus their attacks on the Mountain Giant. If running units are close to the casting unit, it will come running back and can easily be forgotten by the opponent.

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    Default For Dota new players

    Due to recent requests from uidf and my lack of time I will make here a brief (at least I'll try to make it as brief as possible)guide for those who recently started/wish to start playing DotA. Everything in this guide is based solely on my own experience and some more experienced players may not agree with some parts. I'm not some uber gosu here and I am fully aware that I don't do everything as some people got used to.
    This guide is only to help others start, it's not strict 'howto' that should be fallowed by word. Just read it, try it and adjust it any way it suits you.

    For starters, the most important rule some tend to forget when action gets stiff: DO NOT DIE!!!
    It's ok if you don't kill as long as you don't die too (the final result of 1-0 is much better than say 5-7).
    It may seem hard in the beginning (especially in -ar games) so if you're not very familiar with the game yet just run away when your hero is in red and go heal (if you consider yourself slow or the pressure is big it's better to start running in orange).
    The only exception for this rule is when your friend needs help and you're able to give it. This is for more experienced players though since those of less skill tend to get killed along with their teammates which is very bad.

    Now the second most important part: hero choice. (we'll consider it to be an -ap game)

    Most beginners after few games think that most powerful heroes are:
    Crystal Maiden
    (remind me if I forgot any)

    You can't be more wrong, those are the weakest heroes late game, very easy to counter mid game and moderately easy to avoid early game (more on this in tactics).

    When picking a hero try get your hands on some melee hero (preferably with str as primary attribute). Yes, they are the hardest to master and play but they pwn late game and by playing them you'll learn faster (after playing melee early, later on when you get ranged hero it'll be extremely easy for you to play it).

    Some good choices:
    Slithern guard - my personal favourite, 2 disablers, speed increase for running away or chasing wounded foe
    Sven - needless to say this guy deals the most damage in the game
    Leoric - good for beginners, easily countered by magina though
    Naix - supreme pwnzor, very hard to play early game, requires different build

    Another important issue: items

    This will be hard to explain since most heroes require different items to work at their best. What I usually buy for melee hero is:

    Boots of speed
    Ring of health
    Sange (only if hero hasn't got some orb effect himself)
    Power treads

    From now on things differ for matchup and hero.

    If enemies have many casters go for black king bar instead of sange.
    After buying your first weapon go for some defence, blademail (good vs sven and melee), aegis of the immortal (just pwns but awfully expensive), heart of torrasque etc.
    and then more weapons.
    Do not buy stuff you won't use later in the game (ring of regeneration, etc. - unless of course you're playing a hero that requires to do so - Naix and Magina for instance) it's waste of cash, go straight for the goodies.
    As an example I'll give here the list of items I had in my last game (played slithern guard)
    power treads, sange & jasha, aegis of the immortal, blademail, cranium basher, burize do-kyanon

    You'll have to experiment a bit with items to see how it works.

    Now some basic tactics:

    Early game - try to stay out of the fight, just farm. When you're hurt go heal (better to lose some exp by not being there than lose cash, feed oponent and not be there too). Whenever you see more than one enemy going for you: run.

    Countering casters - early game: nothing you can do about them, just try to avoid them. mid game: get black king bar, it makes all their skills useless. late game: laugh at them as they try to do something to you with their ~500dmg spells.

    Countering melee - blademail, disablers (stunning is best, bashers work wonders, also sange with maim is good).

    Countering invisible - those are real pain in the ass but simple gem rends them useless (if you think you'll die anyway then don't buy gem, go for wards).

    Switching lines - something most beginners forget, when you see you can't deal with enemies on your line - switch with teammate who's got hero better suited for the job.

    Gangbangs - you must remember that mid-late game it's all gangbangs, you'll rarely have a chance to fight 1on1. Just try to stay together with your team at all times and be ready to run at any sign of enemy.

    It's all just a bunch of loose advice. If I forgot about anything and anyone would have any questions then ask them here and I'll try to answer them.

    Good luck and have fun !

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    Default DOTA - Secrets and the Basics

    DOTA or its full official name - Defence of the Ancients is widely followed and played around the world, especially in Asia.

    A free modification or mod for the popular Warcraft 3 software series from Blizzard. With such a huge following and a massive amounts of characters you can play, plenty of secrets, guides and strategy tips on DOTA have passed acorss the internet airwaves.

    Here are the basics and BEST DOTA TIPS to get you really playing Defence of the Ancients well:

    Tip #1 Farming for Gold in the game (Critical)

    Farming nuking creeps or even neutral creeps for gold. The more enemy creeps you kill, the more gold youll receive. Sometimes when farming becomes difficult, player may turn to farming neutral characters for extra gold.

    Tip #2 Last Hit or getting a Kill (Rude, but handy)

    Be the last hero or player to hit a creep for gold. Damaging an enemy creep does not provide gold, so its beneficial for a non-ranged character to move in for a last hit to receive this benefit. This also allows you to stay out of range of the opposing team.

    Making a last hit requires a feel of the timing to deal direct damage for different characters. You can get a feel of this simply by playing the game often. A good strategy is to keep the thumb on the ALT key so that you can readily see the life line of the creeps, and only move in to get a last hit when its life is low.

    Tip #3 Hot Key, defined keyboard shortcuts for quickfire playing

    Hot Key is an essential DOTA strategy. Different spells are tied to different buttons which when pressed will activate the spell. Since battles in DOTA last only a few seconds, clicking on the icons with the mouse is a little slow.

    Tip #4 Mouse, get a decent one!

    A mouse based game such as DOTA needs a high quality mouse. Youll also enjoy the gaming experience more with a good mouse, skates, and mouse pad.

    Tip #5 Item Build, for your hero

    Having the right item build will increase the power of your character. Some characters require more health or more speed, or more mana as the game progresses. Knowing the complimentary item build for your character will increase its power and direct damage.

    Tip #6 Team Play, dont be a loner - GANK in a group.

    In competitive DOTA play, its necessary to play in groups. Public DOTA Tips and Competitive DOTA strategy are different with the latter being more difficult and emphasis on team cooperation.

    Tip #7 Mana Required, build up your supplies to cast spells

    Always take note of the amount of mana required to cast 2 spells. 1 spell alone will normally not be sufficient to take down an opponent.

    Tip #8 Item Cost, dont waste your hard earned gold in DOTA

    By understanding what items need to be built, youll be able to know the cost and time your return to the fountain. Less trips back to the fountain means more time in the battle field, which translates to more gold and experience for your DOTA character.

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    Default DOTA Heros Ranking

    Which DOTA Hero is the best? With these rankings and ratings; you get an idea of which DOTA Character has the best ability in what class.

    Make your own mind up; which DOTA hero will get you the ultimate conquest?

    DotA Allstars. Choosing a different hero each time can help improve your DOTA skills, bookmark this page for quick and easy reminders about Which is the best DOTA hero.
    Toughest DOTA Hero

    1. The Treant Protector (Tree)
    2. The Doom Bringer (Doom)
    3. Butcher (Hook)
    4. Tidehunter (Big Foot)
    5. Stone Giant (Tiny)
    6. Pandaren Battlemaster (Roar)
    7. Skeleton King (Bones)
    8. Chaos Knight (Slash)
    9. Night Stalker (Creep)
    10. Dragon Knight (Flame)
    Softest DOTA Hero (Weakness)

    1. Silencer
    2. Lifestealer
    3. Oblivion
    4. Holy Knight
    5. Phantom Lancer
    6. Nerubian Weaver
    7. Tormented Soul
    8. Slayer
    9. Lich
    10. Shadow Shaman
    Smartest DOTA Hero

    1. Oblivion
    2. Enigma
    3. Lich
    4. Slayer
    5. Shadow Shaman
    6. Tormented Soul
    7. Demon Witch
    8. Death Prophet
    9. Prophet
    10. Crystal Maiden
    Dumbest DOTA Hero

    1. Phantom Assassin
    2. Troll Warlord
    3. Chaos Knight
    4. Night Stalker
    5. Pandaren Battlemaster
    6. Stealth Assassin
    7. Rogueknight
    8. Juggernaut
    9. Drow Ranger
    10. Bounty Hunter
    Quickest Attacker in DOTA

    1. Lifestealer
    2. Soul Keeper
    3. Phantom Assassin
    4. Bounty Hunter
    5. Morphling
    6. Bone Fletcher
    7. Drow Ranger
    8. Stealth Assassin
    9. Juggernaut
    10. Anti-Mage
    Lowest Attack Pace in DOTA

    1. Stone Giant
    2. Doom Bringer
    3. Enigma
    4. Treant Protector
    5. Oblivion
    6. Tinker
    7. Twin Head Dragon
    8. Goblin Techies
    9. Earthshaker
    10. Death Prophet
    Best Moving Speed in DOTA

    1. Chaos Knight
    2. Anti-Mage
    3. Soul Keeper
    4. Naga Siren
    5. Moon Rider
    6. Broodmother
    7. Magnataur
    8. Oblivion
    9. Phantom Assassin
    10. Bounty Hunter
    Poorest Move Speed in DOTA

    1. Goblin Techies
    2. Shadow Shaman
    3. Crystal Maiden
    4. Demon Witch
    5. Troll Warlord
    6. Death Prophet
    7. Stone Giant
    8. Morphling
    9. Necrolyte
    10. Butcher


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