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    Default How To host a dota game ni RGC??

    anyone knows how to host your own game in RGC??

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    Oki, first this is not RGC Forum but, i will answer this Just for more informations you have to post in here.
    LAN Hosting is now not activated on RGC, so, for now there is no chance for player hosting. You can host your game with !host gamename , command if you have some power ( like team captain, voucher, admin , etc etc more... ). Also, you can make your game with just clicking on Sign buttom , and when there is +9 signed players, bot will make game auto , so later, you have to join lan, and join your game ( blue colored ).
    For more informations check this.
    Best Regards !

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    Default hosting games.

    excuse me sir.

    i was wondering how to be able to host a game sir?
    as i've searched through the net you it says that you must be a team captain of a clan sir
    my question sir is how to make a clan sir? is it for free? or is being able to host a game for free?

    (even wonderin' if this is the right channel to post this.)

    thank you sir..

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    Default Please read ADMIN's

    Hello there I am John, A captain of our TEAM. I am asking for your kind considerate help, to rank my account up on RGC, so that we can make our own DOTA room, so that we can badly get our practice in.

    PLEASE vouch my ACCOUNT: -Pro-
    thank you to the admin's of RGC for keeping up the good work =D
    RGC is our practice GAME spot bec. we don't experience LAG that much. but I need to get
    ranked up so that we can make our own ROOM because joining slowly is such a troublesome thing.


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    Merged (as long you all ask the same thing)
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    RGC is not designed as a plateform where everyone can just host their own game (hence the signing system). Rogers has been working on a lan hosting system for a while I think but I have no idea how it is coming along. As said before, some users (team captain, voucher, admin etc) have access to host games with the !host (gamename) command.

    You can play private dota games by joining a channel and signing there with all your friends. If you try to join a non existing channel (like /j were4352fee) then RGC will create the channel for aslong as there are users in it. You won't have staff in there but there should be noone else in the channel so you won't need it.

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    Default @x_T_c and @SuperEvil

    Im just wondering if how do we get that power that you said like the team captain, voucher, admin , etc like what you have said....

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    Team Captain: In the (EU) Clanwars Channel you get the Team Captain just by telling an Admin that you are the Captain of a team. Then you can host your own games.

    Moderator, Voucher, Admin, Head Admin: Usually only given to users who contribute greatly to a channel.

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