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    CS 1.6

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    burned baby burned with other games. gow 1.2.3 dmc and MANY MANY others

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    The Sims...
    Sounds cool isnt it? :P

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    I play
    Metin II
    Counter Strike
    Lineage II
    League of legends

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    Darksiders I
    Darksider II
    Counter Strike Source
    Assasins Creed
    Prince of persia(1,2,3,4,5)
    Dean: I gotta ask. How old are you?
    Death: As old as God, maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless, at the end, I'll reap him too.
    Dean: God? You'll reap God?
    Death: Oh yes. God will die too, Dean.

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    This is like the toughest question I can answer, there are so many good games out there, Well I will give you a list of the games I believe to be a must-play for people who love gaming.

    Before we start, some honorable mentions:

    Grand Theft Auto V/Online (Money! Money! Money! Money!!!!)
    Tomb Raider (The Reboot was amazing)
    FarCry 3 (Awesome till Vass died, then the game sorta became boring)
    Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones (Well them stunts….)
    Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom pain (Venom Snake!!!!)

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