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    Default [Tutorial] How To Use RGC Shop

    Ok I've been getting alot of requests on helping people with buying their own Gold/Diamond membership.
    So here's a fast quick and direct tutorial.

    Step 1:


    Insert your RGC Username & Password and press "Login"

    Step 2:

    If your RGC details are correct you will be redirected to a page.

    Click on "Buy Now"

    Step 3:

    Gold Member (1 month) = 50 RGD
    Diamond Member (1 month) = 200 RGD
    Name Change (Instant) = 10 RGD
    Stats Reset (Instant) = 35 RGD
    The Gold Member gives you a golden nickname and a golden title. (Via Web)
    The Diamond Member gives you any color of your choice nickname and title. (Via Web - Follow Tutorial for instructions regarding Diamond Member)
    The Name Change provides you with a change of your current RGC username. (Via Client. Account Menu)
    The Stats Reset will reset your games played back to ZERO, applies to all rooms and leagues.

    Choose how many RGD'S are you wanting to buy depending on your package.

    Example, If you want to buy a Gold Membership for 1 month that's 50 RGD

    Step 4:

    Click on the Paypal button which displays "Buy Now"

    You will be redirected to the paypal page in which you will checkout the process.

    Diamond Member [How To] [Special Features]

    If you want to buy the diamond membership , you should deposit in your account 200 RGD'S

    Click on "Buy Now" under the package Diamond Member (1 month)
    If successful you'll get that page

    Now here's the best part, choosing your own RGC nickname & color !

    Happy Gold Hunting Diamond is always better
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    Nice tutorial
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    Nice tutorial bitch , good job and thanks .

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    gj you nub


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    gj u bitch
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    GJ Bitch

    Appreciate your work

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    Niceeeeeee good job XD
    Best Regards

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    Nice tutorial

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    wow! nice tutorial. XD

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    Pretty neat, you might wanna global message this like 'How to get a colored name and hostbot access!' It'll draw attention, and maybe some money =).  64630

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    GJ BITCH!!!

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    Nice Tutorial,Good Job
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    Membership privileges should be shown in the shop page.

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    please add the details of every item in this ... if u can... Nic job...

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    why don't you make it as sticky...
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