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    Default PingGnome

    PingGnome is a bot that surfs channels on each of the gateways. It is maintained and ran by The_Lynxy. As you probably know, there are other "gnomes" roaming as well, most commonly known is ClanGnome, which was actually here before PingGnome, and is not run by me. ClanGnome has been offline for nearly a year now, I do not know what has happened to it.

    My gnome, as well as many other gnomes, scans through channels collecting simple data. Each of us gnome owners has our own database formatted with different kinds of data and used for different reasons. Each of our projects are independent of one another; we do not work together.

    Some people call PingGnome a ClanGnome rip off, and for good reason. In some ways, it actually is. The *Gnome name was used because Spht had already done an excellent at job getting the "Gnome" word out there. Many moderation bots have a tagban for *gnome, so the existing tagbans are respected. That is the main reason behind the "copycat" gnome name. It also helps users to recognize that it's an automated bot and not some random person.

    More informations

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    Heh you forgot to show something

    check here and scroll down to europe see what clan is on #2?

    and here

    our clan stats

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    now with nol2 we will be 1st

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    nai me clan nol2 ....oi kaliteroi tha eimaste lol

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    Egw pantws opote vlepw to pinggnome to bannarw:P

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    English please...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowthief15 View Post
    Egw pantws opote vlepw to pinggnome to bannarw:P
    When you see again the bot, write this on channel:

    Hello Pinggnome. and it will answer you

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